Time-saving appointment and staff management software for medical service providers

Meet No-Q: the user-friendly software for organising pharmacy and medical services efficiently and professionally.

Cooperation partner of Zukunftspakt Apotheke and IhreApotheken.de

Pharmacy Services

Create your own booking page to manage appointments for pharmacy and medical services, such as medication analysis, cholesterol measurements and more. Each service comes with specific features.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Manage your entire process easily:
From making appointments by scanning the health card, storing documents and digital signatures, to directly printing the billing documents.

Vaccination Management

Share all necessary documents, send automatic reminders and easily report vaccinations. Manage your digital stock with our newest feature and plan accordingly.

Staff Management

Schedule staff for various tasks, document working hours and manage payroll. Clear overview of tasks and services offered in one calendar.


Offer consultation appointments with customers also via video call and make them bookable online. This feature can be activated for every service created in No-Q.

Medical Device Hire

Devices such as breast pumps, inhalers, baby scales, etc. can be reserved by customers online via your website. The available stock is displayed in real time.

The software for your pharmacy

We want to accompany you as a reliable, digital partner in healthcare.

No-Q supports pharmacies in the efficient coordination of pharmaceutical services through online appointment scheduling (medication analyses, blood pressure measurements, vaccinations, etc.). Documents can be managed digitally in the system and the billing process facilitated. No-Q further relies on an integrated solution for staff management, working time recording and shift planning. Recently, No-Q has also started offering telepharmacy. No-Q is ready for use in just a few steps.

Overview of Important Features

  • Stable software proven under high workloads
  • Flexible online scheduling for all services
  • Maximum adaptability due to spontaneous manual changes in capacity
  • Health card scanning for booking appointments
  • Document storage and digital signature on documents
  • Result sending to clients
  • Direct printing of the billing document
  • Specific reports per service
  • Telepharmacy can be activated for each service
  • Clear comparison of services and tasks in the calendar for staff management

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