Capacity-oriented Online Booking Platform

No-Q helps you to plan your services competently, handle them quickly and in a user-friendly way, optimise work processes, digitalise them and manage your company efficiently.

No-Q is a software solution for capacity-controlled appointment coordination in healthcare facilities, cooperations and public administration. No-Q is cloud-based and offers user-friendly management of a wide range of services, flexible online appointment allocation, resource customisation and reservation management. No-Q also enables digital document management, digital signatures and the upload, dispatch and storage of personal documents. The locator increases the visibility of services and free appointments, and the software supports staff planning with an integrated calendar.

Intuitive calendar views with capacity-controlled time slot options and definition of dependencies

Automated booking processes and self-service options for customers

Flexible capacity and schedule management in real time to dynamically adapt to employee availability and customer demand

Complex scheduling due to the number and dependencies of the services offered

Inefficient and manual booking processes due to long feedback times and misunderstandings, among other things

Capacity and resource management problems lead to over- or under-utilisation in the company

Smooth appointment booking as initial contact
with customers, patients and citizens

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Benefits for companies

  • Optimised use of resources for ideal capacity utilisation
  • Define and coordinate dependencies
  • Better planning of personnel requirements
  • Secure competitive advantages
  • Measurably increase profitability

Benefits for customers

  • View and book available dates in real time
  • Convenient and easy booking around the clock
  • Avoid annoying queues
  • Faster processing thanks to digital documents

Appointment booking and employee management combined

NoQ is characterised by its holistic approach and combines appointment booking with a comprehensive staff management solution

Making service offerings accessible across locations

NoQ strives to make service offerings from corporate chains, associations or cooperatives available in an accessible way across different locations. Potential customers are shown available capacities in real time and can make their bookings directly.

The PaaS way: the future of platform-based services

NoQ sees itself as a strong technology partner and offers various reseller opportunities as part of its PlatformasaService (PaaS) offering