Your brand with No-Q technology in the background

Expand your company’s offering with No-Q’s product portfolio and sell the complete solution under your own brand. NoQ’s PlatformasaService (PaaS) solutions offer lucrative partnership models for resellers with options for their own domains, their own branding and integration into their own SSO solutions.

Own Branding

Expand your existing solutions effortlessly with No-Q’s diverse portfolio. As your reliable technology partner in the background, we offer you the opportunity to customise our product and integrate it seamlessly into your existing product range.

Custom colour palettes for back office and public booking pages

Make your brand shine and create a customised colour palette for the back office and your public booking pages.

Own logos

Add your own logo to make the product appear to the outside world as if it were your own.

Own font families

Work with us to integrate your own fonts for back-office interfaces and public booking and calendar pages


NoQ offers a range of multisite locator solutions for associations, cooperatives or organisations with branch networks. Customers can see available dates and real-time capacity across multiple locations and book appointments directly through this locator. We offer both industry-wide and customised solutions to simplify the booking process and increase customer satisfaction.

Show available dates in cities, regions or countries

No-Q allows you to display available appointments in an entire city, country or even worldwide with real-time capacities and make them directly bookable.

Real-time availability for individual organisation with branch network

No-Q offers organisations with branch networks individual locator solutions to display real-time availability in the locations of a company chain and make it easy to book.

Own domain & infrastructure cluster

As a Platform as a Service (PaaS), No-Q enables the integration of our portfolio on your own domain. We also offer the option of operating a completely separate infrastructure with a separate database and your own single signon (SSO) server.

No-Q appointment booking on your own domain

Host the No-Q solution on your own domain for seamless integration and a consistent brand experience

Separate database for data in sensitive sectors

If required or desired by your customers, No-Q offers the option of operating the functionality in a separate infrastructure cluster and physically separating the data

Use separate or your own single sign-on solution

Take advantage of the option to integrate the No-Q application into your existing SSO system or to use a stand-alone SSO server from No-Q