Staff management

Efficiently plan work schedules and working hours

Offering a broad palette of medical services in pharmacies and other care facilities requires excellent staff management. No-Q lets you manage employees, document their working hours and calculate their wages. Work schedules for the different tasks and services can easily be created in No-Q.

Features and Functionality

Employee Profiles

  • Employee data management
  • Qualifications
  • Assigned tasks
  • Salaries, hourly wages, working hours, holiday entitlement, absences

Shift Scheduling

  • Create one-time and repeating tasks in a clear calendar view
  • Assign individual employees
  • Quick overview of unassigned shifts
  • Easily invite all qualified employees
  • Synchronization of the shift schedule with your own calendar (e.g. Google Calendar)

Documentation and Reporting

  • Precise documentation of working hours for individual employees
  • Simple overview of all staff costs
  • Wage calculation and data export

Simple Planning

  • No-Q can be used without any IT costs or technical expertise

  • You can define work shifts in the calendar and assign employees

Satisfied Employees

  • Employees are notified of their scheduled working hours via email

  • They can accept or reject assigned shifts according to their availability

Efficient Order Processing

  • The employees come to work at the scheduled time

  • All work and tasks can be assigned to the corresponding cost centre

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