Offer your customers secure and individual consultation appointments via video. No-Q supports you in coordinating appointments as well as handling online consultations. Telepharmacy can be activated for any service offered in No-Q. Support your customers individually, even at home – with sensitive or discreet topics, the intake and dosage of medications, care products or other applications and strengthen customer proximity and customer loyalty through personal consultations.

Videocall Features

Processing video consultations

  • Customized online consulting via one-on-one video appointments
  • Flexible and easy way to set appointments
  • Digital documentation and billing
  • Encryption according to the highest standards

Simple Booking Management

  • Capacities for consultations can be easily defined in No-Q and telepharmacy can be optionally activated per service
  • Appointments can be booked online by customers

Efficient Processing

  • The video link is sent to the clients in the booking confirmation
  • The consultation can be conducted in a safe environment via video without any waiting times

Happy Customers

  • Individual consulting creates customer proximity despite location-independent customer care
  • Customer loyalty is strengthened as an additional added value

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