Prescription upload

Easy Prescription Upload for Customers

Our prescription module allows customers to easily upload and share prescriptions with you, the local pharmacy, using a smartphone or computer.
You maintain direct contact with your customers and have sole access to the data.

Direct Customer Contact for Local Pharmacies

Conveniently Accept Prescriptions and Orders

  • Can be quickly and easily added to your homepage as an additional service
  • Encrypted transmission of (e-)prescriptions to the pharmacy
  • Email notification when a prescription is received

Clear Overview and Handling of Incoming Prescriptions

  • Tabular display of incoming prescriptions
  • Prescriptions are saved after receipt
  • Processing status can be updated
  • Customers can easily be informed about order status
  • Prescription details are extracted and made available for import into the inventory control system

Easy Activation

  • No-Q can be used without any IT costs or technical expertise

  • Once activated, your No-Q account will display an overview of all orders, where the order status can be continuously updated

  • Easily publish the order page by adding a link on your own website

Satisfied Customers

  • Customers can easily upload a photo of their prescription using their computer or smartphone

  • One or more prescriptions can be uploaded simultaneously

  • Customers receive a confirmation email that they can show when they come to the pharmacy

Efficient Order Processing

  • The pharmacy can opt to receive an email with order details after each order is placed

  • When the medication is available, the order status can be updated and the customer will be notified

  • The customers come to the pharmacy to collect the medication

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