Pharmacy services

Efficiently Manage Pharmacy and Medical Services

No-Q offers a variety of modules that help to organise pharmacy and medical services more efficiently. Each module has its own specific functions and data entry fields. This allows you to activate modules for blood pressure measurements, cholesterol measurements, antibody tests, as well as for medication analysis and other services, and manage all of them in No-Q.

Additional Pharmacy Services
Expand and communicate your service offerings

The software organises and optimises all the steps needed to offer your services, from customer registration to sending and reporting results.

Custom booking page

  • You can make any type of service available for booking
  • Configure the modules to meet your needs
  • Set up appointment availability quickly and easily
  • Data-driven capacity management
  • Save different document types for different services
  • Specific data fields for each type of service

Advertise your services as a group, locally or regionally

  • Location finder for pharmacy associations, collaboration groups, pharmacy chains or municipalities
  • Direct contact to your customers
  • You have sole access to your customers and their data

Easy Setup

  • No-Q can be used without any IT costs or technical expertise

  • Time slots and capacities for different services can be allocated easily

  • You decide which data customers should enter when registering/booking

  • Easily publish the order page by adding a link on your own website

Satisfied Customers

  • Customers can easily reserve an appointment at their preferred time using their computer or smartphone

  • Appointments can be reserved for one or more people (e.g. additional family members)

  • Customers receive a confirmation email along with any documents they may need for the appointment

Efficient Processing

  • The customers come to your testing location at the designated time. Employees can easily confirm their name and info to check them in

  • Documents and identifying barcodes can be printed

  • The system can send out encrypted test results. Customer data can also be exported

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