Immune-ID: Proof of Vaccination in Credit-Card Format

Immune-ID is an easy way to keep proof of immunity at hand – in a convenient, wallet-sized format.

No-Q lets you offer the Immune-ID for sale to your customers as a new product. The order can easily be placed using a form in the No-Q system. We arrange delivery right to the customer’s home. Alternatively, you can print the Immune-ID in your pharmacy and give it to your customer immediately. The ID can be printed using a standard A4 laser printer

The package includes a convenient card with a QR code, as well as four stickers with the same QR code.

Immune-ID: no fixed costs, no risk

New! More options when selling Immune-ID

  1. Order Immune-ID for delivery by mail
  2. Print Immune-ID in the pharmacy*
  3. Share an affiliate link and earn a commission for your pharmacy

*The blank Immune-ID cards to print yourself can be ordered with the standard design or your pharmacy’s custom design, right within No-Q.

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Proof of Vaccination – No Smartphone Required

What is Immune-ID and how does it work? Immune-ID is a personalised EU COVID-19 certificate printed on a convenient card. This allows your customers to keep their proof of COVID-19 vaccination handy at all times – even when they don’t have their smartphones.

Immune-ID With Your Pharmacy’s Design

You can now use No-Q to create custom cards with your pharmacy’s unique design, which can help to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

You can design the graphics for the blank Immune-ID cards yourself or have our team create the design for you. After the design is created, the blanks will be delivered to your pharmacy.

Benefits of Printing Immune-ID cards With Your Own Design:

  • Give the card to your customers immediately, no waiting for delivery
  • Uses a standard laser printer in A4 format
  • Customer loyalty and branding
  • Increase your company’s brand recognition
  • Increased margins with self-service printing

3 Steps to Immune-ID

You can order a personalised Immune-ID for your customers in a few easy steps.

Scan your customer’s EU COVID-19 certificate

Enter your customer’s order details

The Immune-ID can be printed in your pharmacy or sent to your customer’s home by post

No Effort – Plenty of Profit

Share your affiliate link on your communication channels and earn a commission for each sale

The customers order in the online shop

The Immune-ID is sent to the customers’ home address by post

Immune-ID – a New Product for Your Customers

If your customers worry about their smartphone running out of battery while travelling, or if they just prefer to use an analogue certificate, Immune-ID offers a perfect alternative to the digital proof of vaccination. The personal EU proof of COVID-19 immunity fits perfectly in any wallet or pocket and can be shown easily at any time.

You Order, We Organise

1. How do orders sent by post work?

Just place the order in the No-Q system from your account.

  1. Scan the customer’s proof of vaccination at your pharmacy
  2. Enter your customer’s delivery address
  3. Confirm the order
  4. Collect payment from the customer
  5. No-Q automatically takes care of everything else, including delivery to the requested address

2. How does self-service printing work?

  1. Scan the customer’s proof of vaccination
  2. Select “Self-Service Printing” and place the blank Immune-ID sheet in the printer
  3. The print data will be sent directly to your printer
  4. The Immune-ID will be printed on your standard A4 printer
  5. Give the customer their Immune-ID and collect payment

Advantages of self-service printing:

  • Excellent margins
  • Easy order processing and printing on a standard A4 laser printer
  • The Immune-ID card can be given to customers immediately
  • Customer data is deleted immediately after printing
  • No risk of delivery problems

3. How do customers order using your link in the online shop?

Pharmacies receive a unique link in the No-Q portal that allows us to track the orders generated from the link. At the end of each month, we transfer the amount earned to our partners.

Share your affiliate link on your communication channels and earn a commission for each sale:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Newsletter, etc.

FAQ Immune-ID –
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immune-ID?
Immune-ID is a proof of COVID-19 vaccination in a wallet-sized format. It is delivered along with 4 practical stickers. The card and stickers display the QR code from the official certificate of vaccination. That means that they fulfil the same function as the printed or digital certificate of vaccination.

What does the Immune-ID package include?
The Immune-ID package contains a personalised, wallet-sized card coated with a protective film, as well as four practical QR code stickers. These can be placed anywhere that might be useful.

How can I use Immune-ID as a pharmacy or provider?
You can offer Immune-ID for sale to your customers as a new product.

For whom can an Immune-ID be ordered?
An Immune-ID can be ordered for anyone who has a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Note: Immune-ID is not intended for use with test certificates.

Please ensure that you obtain your customers’ consent for processing their data during the ordering process.

Which QR code should be scanned?
In general, whichever QR code is currently valid is the one that should be scanned. If, for example, the customer has already received the 2nd vaccination, you should scan the code from the 2nd vaccination. If the customer has received their 3rd booster vaccination, you can scan that QR code.

When scanning, ensure that you hold the QR code parallel to the camera. If the code is not immediately recognised, try cleaning the camera lens before scanning again.

Will the customer’s Immune-ID card still be valid if they receive a booster shot?
The QR code from a previous vaccination does not automatically expire when customers get a booster. The code will remain valid until the period of protection offered by the earlier vaccination has ended. Once the code expires, the customer can order a new Immune-ID card using the code from their most recent vaccination.

How much does Immune-ID cost?
The recommended retail price for Immune-ID is €9.90, including shipping. No-Q/Vertical-Life will invoice you each month for the Immune-ID cards that you have ordered at the agreed purchase price.

How long does it take for Immune-ID to be delivered?
It will be delivered within 7 – 10 working days.

I already have a No-Q account. How can I activate the Immune-ID function?
Click on Immune-ID in the menu. To use Immune-ID, you will need to accept an extra framework agreement in addition to your existing contract with us. This agreement includes the terms of use for the Immune-ID function. To accept, click on the corresponding button.

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