Medical Device Hire

Medical Device Hire

Coordinate medical device rentals easily with No-Q and reduce your administrative workload. Equipment availability is displayed on your website in real time and breast pumps, inhalers, baby scales, etc. can be reserved with just a few clicks.

Rental Features

Medical device reservation through your website

  • Setting and display of real-time availabilities
  • Online reservation and booking tool
  • Online payment and deposit processing
  • Input of rental device stock

Simple Management

  • Capacities and free devices incl. model information can be stored in the backend of No-Q

  • The inventory can also be updated manually at any time

Workload relief

  • Telephone calls are reduced through online bookability

  • Time savings thanks to simplified documentation and billing as well as work at full capacity

Happy Customers

  • Real-time overview of available devices on the pharmacy’s website
  • Easy online reservation by booking a pick-up appointment

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