Corona Test Management

Efficiently process COVID-19 tests in pharmacies and test centres

No-Q is a digital, browser-based system that manages all aspects of COVID-19 testing, from appointment scheduling to processing, documentation and reporting of test results.

The software includes a number of specialised functions that let your pharmacy offer different types of tests (PCR/antigen). These are constantly being updated and improved upon. No-Q makes it easy to fulfil government testing and documentation requirements.

You can have your first appointment ready to book in just a few easy steps.

Features and Functionality

The software organises and optimises all the steps in the testing process, from customer registration to sending and reporting results.


  • Absolute flexibility in setting up your time slots
  • Option to collect online payments during appointment booking
  • Adjust availability to operate near capacity while avoiding queues
  • Individual and group bookings can be made from your registration page with a multi-lingual interface
  • Booking confirmation after registration
  • Quick check-in at your pharmacy by scanning the customer’s health insurance card or creating a QR code

Test Management

  • Easily collect all relevant data
  • Results can be transmitted to COVID-19 tracing and warning apps
  • Label printing for quick, secure on-location processing
  • Accept vouchers to simplify the payment process for paid tests in the pharmacy

Results Reporting

  • Send test results as an encrypted email
  • GDPR-compliant data deletion after the test is complete
  • Positive test results can be easily transmitted to the relevant authorities
  • Overviews and exports for additional processing of data and creation of reports

Increase bookings with a listing on pharmacy locators

  • A single booking page for all testing locations in a region, community, or a defined area allows you to create a shared advertising campaign for testing services
  • Display capacity for all locations in real-time
  • Testing locations can be easily added or paused for flexibility
  • Custom domain names for advertising regional testing campaigns

Data dashboards for pharmacies, federal states and communities

  • Real-time data about tests, rate of positive tests and regional capacity (anonymised)
  • Provides the data needed to optimise and plan demand, resources and testing times

“I have been using No-Q since my pharmacy began offering tests to the public and I am absolutely thrilled with it. The system is easy to learn and new employees can be onboarded in less than half an hour. But what I would describe as outstanding is the fantastic support and how quickly the product can be updated. Customer requests aren’t just “passed on” – they are implemented very quickly. No-Q is a partner we can rely on. They are always aware of the most recent developments and have made it their goal to create a software solution that is as customer-oriented as possible.

Franziska Ramony, Habsburger Pharmacy, Aachen

“We can’t imagine life at our testing centre without No-Q. We have been using the software from the very beginning, since December 2020, and we are very satisfied. The flow of customers can be managed perfectly and adjusted according to our available space and personnel. The tool is constantly being updated to optimise the user experience and to make the processes in the testing centres even easier. I can easily imagine using No-Q for additional pharmacy services in future. I’m sure that No-Q will remain an integral part of our work in the pharmacy, even after the pandemic is over!”

– Holger Gnekow, Adler Pharmacy

Locator Feature: Found! At

The booking platform gives customers an overview of all available testing centres where COVID-19 tests can be booked using No-Q.

In the search form, customers can enter the postal code or name of the city where the test should be done. They are then shown the available testing locations along with information about available capacities at a desired time. When they choose a testing location, they are forwarded to the booking page with a single click.

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Easy Setup

  • No-Q can be used without any IT costs or technical expertise
  • Time slots and capacities can be allocated easily
  • You decide which data customers should enter when registering
  • Easily publish the booking page by adding a link to your own website

Satisfied Customers

  • Customers can easily reserve an appointment at their preferred time using their computer or smartphone
  • Appointments can be reserved for one or more people (e.g. additional family members)
  • Customers receive a confirmation email along with any documents that they may need for the appointment

Efficient Processing

  • The customers come to your testing location at the designated time. Employees can easily confirm their name and info to check them in
  • Test labels incl. an identifying barcode can be printed
  • The system can send out encrypted test results. Customer data can also be exported

“I found out about No-Q for my testing centres in Gütersloh at the beginning of January 2021. No-Q is the best solution, as far as I’m concerned. The software organises the flow of visitors, guides the employees through the testing process and sends the results to the customer. No-Q is intuitive and can be used without spending a lot of time on training. The most unique aspect is how testing centres can be linked together using No-Q. This made it possible for the various pharmacy associations in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) to create a network of 800 testing centres that can be accessed on the booking platform”

– Dr. Olaf Elsner, Storchen Pharmacy

“The Red Cross in Siegen-Wittgenstein has been using No-Q in its 14 testing centres since early March 2021. In this time, we have learned to appreciate No-Q for its efficiency and ease of use. The frequent updates and the fact that the support team reacts quickly to all of our queries is especially important. We are excited to see how No-Q develops in the future.”

– Marcus Sting, German Red Cross

Automated Lateral Flow Test Strip Reader by KLS Pharma Robotics

The innovative automated test strip reader by KLS Pharma Robotics can evaluate up to 120 rapid tests per hour. The technology provides quick, accurate results while reducing the workload for pharmacy personnel. The reader was developed as the result of a cooperation between KLS Pharma Robotics and No-Q.

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